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About Us

Ipolex.com is the online shopping mall for Fiber Optic Patchcords of 10GTEK TRANSCEIVERS CO., LTD (www.10gtek.com), which is specialized in developing and manufacturing Fiber Optic Patchcords, Fiber Optical Transceivers and High Performance Cables for the applications of Datacon, Telecom and CATV, providing customers with top quality and cost effective products. The prompt response and excellent customer support also contribute to clients‘ full satisfaction. Since its inception, Ipolex.com has been seen accelerating growth rate in a number of business indicators, including year-to-year gross merchandising value, number of orders, registered buyers and sellers, and production line.

The engineers' constant innovation and elaborate design has enabled Ipolex.com to keep up the up-date technology. Based on the high-quality staff members, advanced technology, Ipolex.com now has developed a full series of Fiber Optic Patchcords rangeing from OM1, OM2, OM3. OM4, Duplex, Simplex, SC, LC, FC, ST, MTRJ, MU, E2000, etc.

10GTEK TRANSCEIVERS CO., LTD, with www.10gtek.com as its official company website, also set up a online shopping mall www.sfpcables.com for High Performance Cables and fiber optic transceiver modules.

Top quality products with competitive price:

Ipolex.com has experienced R&D team in Fiber Optic Patchcords. Our mission is quick respond with high quality products to exceed customer's expectation while they shop with us. In the OEM/ODM field of networking communication cables, Ipolex.com, is also one of the few professional manufacturers in China that has the ability to provide customized products. Certified with ISO9001-2008, CE, FCC and RoHS etc, the products undergo stringent quality procedures, to provide world class telecommunication devices. Meanwhile, the massive production and scientific management has resulted in cost reduction to Ipolex.com itself and also a competitive price to its customers.


Advanced equipments and standard workshop environment:

The utilization of the advanced equipments and standard clean room environment for producing and testing test line, facilitate the producing of the high-reliable and quality products.

Quick Delivery:

With Over US$2 million of goods in stock, regular orders can be delivered within 1~2 days.

With these advantages and merits, Ipolex.com, by virtue of efforts of all colleagues, has successfully built a complete domestic and foreign sales industrial chain with independent research as core and production as basis.

Ipolex.com has full confidence to become the best OEM/ODM of optical patchcords, fiber optic transceivers and high performance cables and rank at the top national wide in optical communication.


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